Industrial Engineering Hasanuddin University Master Degree Accreditation Process By BAN PT

7-8 July 2021, Gowa. The accreditation process for BAN PT PSMTI UNHAS lasted for 2 days, which was attended by all elements of the UNHAS industrial engineering department, starting from educators (lecturers), educational staff, and also master students.

The accreditation process was opened directly by the assessor team of BAN PT, namely Prof. Dr. Ir. Udisubakti Ciptomulyono, M.Eng, Sc and Mrs. Nur Aini Masruroh, ST, M.Sc, Ph.D and also attended by functional officials from the Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University such as the Dean, Deputy Dean 1, Deputy Dean 2, Deputy Dean 3, and also quality assurance officer of the Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University.

Mr. Dr. Ir. Sapta Asmal, S.T., MT as the head of the industrial engineering master's study program hopes that as a result of this accreditation, UNHAS PSMTI can get a superior predicate and become one of the aspects that can further advance the UNHAS industrial engineering master's study program.



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