Faculty of Engineering Unhas Successfully Holds MOC for the Second Time

The Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University (Unhas) successfully held the Millenial Online Competition (MOC) in 2021. The closing of this activity took place on Wednesday (09/06) at the Center of Technology Building, and was connected virtually.

MOC is a national level competition held by FT Unhas. This year, the activity is titled “Technological Innovation in Optimizing the Recovery of the Covid-19 Pandemic?. The types of competitions presented are essay writing, scientific posters, creative videos and photography.

Chairman of the committee Dr. eng. Fakhruddin, ST., M.Eng. reported that this year's activity was attended by 237 participants from 35 universities throughout Indonesia. The essay competition was attended by 112 participants, inspirational posters by 63 participants, photography by 49 participants and creative videos by 13 participants.

Deputy Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni and Partnerships, Faculty of Engineering, Mukti Ali, ST., MT., Ph.D explained that this activity was initiated during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. At that time, student activities faced challenges, where various student activities throughout Indonesia were stopped. Through discussions conducted with the student mentors of the Faculty of Engineering, the Millenial Online Competition (MOC) activity was born.

"All parties hope that the characteristics of this MOC activity will be maintained online even though the pandemic has ended. Seeing the enthusiasm of the participants, the Faculty of Engineering Unhas will try to carry out this activity every year, "explained Mukti.

The activity was officially closed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Alumni Unhas, Prof. Dr. drg. A. Arsunan Arsin, M. Kes. In his speech, he gave full appreciation to the Faculty of Engineering which has provided a forum for student activities.

“Last year, almost all student activities were stagnant due to the pandemic. However, the Faculty of Engineering succeeded in presenting the first MOC activity. I hope that this activity can be a role model for other student activities,” explained Prof. Arsunan.

The presence of MOC is expected to hone students' thinking skills in finding innovative technology that shows the synergy of millennials in facing the Covid-19 pandemic recovery period and continue to work from home for Indonesia.

List of Competition Winners

Category Essay

– 1st Place: Gerald Ezra Charles, University of Indonesia

– 2nd Place: Khoirun Nisa, State University of Surabaya

– 3rd Place: Dani Fazali, Bengkulu University

Scientific Poster Category

– 1st Place: Gebrie Firman, Hasanuddin University

– 2nd Place: Ferdiansyah Maulana Syaputra, Telkom University

– 3rd Place: Ahmad Ridha Arsyad, Hasanuddin University

Video Category

– 1st Place: Trisha Dantiani, University of Indonesia

– 2nd Place: Andika Saputra, Hasanuddin University

– 3rd Place: Annisa Kautsara, IAIN Salatiga

Photography Category

– 1st Place : Renaldy Rangga Permana, Bandung State Polytechnic

– 2nd Place: Shandy Vanilla, Poltekkes Kaltim

– 3rd Place : Cedri Ferliana Mulyadi, Nusa Cendana University Kupang.


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